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  • Designed for Sloped Windows
  • Single or Dual Color
  • (4) Powerful LEDs
  • (8) Selectable Flash Patterns
  • "Sync" or "Async" Flashing Modes
  • Waterproof Housing
  • (4) Suction Cup Mounted
  • Cigarette Lighter Plug with 10 ft. of wire
  • Inline Fuse & Built-In Switch
Retail: $163.95
Price: $131.20
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    Model 2000 BeastBeam™ Interior 12 VDC Vehicular Warning Light for Sloped Front/Rear Window including (4) Powerful LEDs, (8) Flash Patterns, Synchronized Flashing when used with similar Model lights, Single or any Two Color Light Beam, Waterproof Housing, (4) Suction Cup Rubber Mount, Cigarette Lighter Plug, 10 ft. Wire, built-in Switch and Fuse.

    1x4 Interior Vehicle Scoop Warning Light (Lighter Plug)

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