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474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K, Rockledge, FL. 32955
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MightyFlare® disc lights operate using 3 standard sized ''AA'' batteries. The MightyFlare® is a powerful safety device and should not be confused with imported toy flares. They are available in varying colors and can have a basic steady beam or advanced flashing beam. The Advanced circuit has 5 selectable flash patterns and 4 intensity setting which make it a more efficient design. They are available in various kit configurations to suit your specific needs.

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MightyFlare® Model# MFBX
MightyFlare® Model #MFBX
Disc Shaped | Basic Steady Beam Circuitry | Selectable Intensity
Retail: $43.95
Price: $34.90
LEDLights Item #: MFBX -

Model MFBX MightyFlare® disc shaped steady beam LED road flare includes High/Low intensity modes, waterproof housing and 3 ''AA'' batteries.

MightyFlare­­® Model# MFAX
MightyFlare® Model #MFAX
Disc Shaped | Advanced Flashing Circuitry
Retail: $61.95
Price: $59.50
LEDLights Item #: MFAX -

Model MFAX MightyFlare® Disc Shaped LED Road Flare with (5) Flash Patterns, (4) Intensity Settings and 3 ''AA'' Batteries.

MightyFlare® Model# MFGX
MightyFlare® Model #MFGX
Disc Shaped | Advanced Flashing Beam Circuitry and Gravity Switch
Retail: $75.95
Price: $64.20
LEDLights Item #: MFGX -

Model MFGX MightyFlare® Disc Shaped LED Road Flare with (5) Flash Patterns & (4) Intensity Settings with Gravity Switch causing light to automatically activate when right side up and automatically extinguish when upside down. Includes 3 ''AA'' Alkaline Batteries.