474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K Rockledge FL 32955

474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K, Rockledge, FL. 32955
PH: 321-690-2462

Saberwand® Traffic Control Wand

The SABERWAND is a brilliant, high intensity Traffic Control Wand that demands the attention of oncoming drivers! Designed using the latest LED technology, making it highly visible for effectively guiding traffic. Its lightweight design avoids Officer Fatigue by replacing large heavy wands that are very poor at illuminating first responders. Its compact size allows it to be placed in a pocket or a holster. It includes STEADY & FLASHING Modes & is powered by (3) readily available ''AA'' Batteries. Some models permit the Officer to instantly change the color of the wand to provide different color signals to accommodate a variety of traffic control situations.

LEDLights™ Saberwand® Traffic Control Wand

Single Color Models

LEDLights™ Saberwand® Traffic Control Wand

Dual Color Models

Tetrad 4T™
LEDLights™ Tetrad-4T™ Traffic Control Wand

Four Different Colors in One Wand