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474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K, Rockledge, FL. 32955
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Black Leather Flashlight Holster Model 7500-HOLL
Retail: $19.95
Price: $16.00
LEDLights Item #: 7500-HOLL -

Model 7500-HOLL - Black Leather Holster for Belts between 1 and 2-1/4 '' wide and for holding SaberWand™ Traffic Wands or BeastBeam™ Flashlights

Black Polymer Flashlight Holster Model 7500-HOLP
Retail: $19.95
Price: $16.00
LEDLights Item #: 7500-HOLP -

Model 7500-HOLP - Black Polymer Holster for belts between 1 and 2-1/4'' wide. Holds all SaberWand® Traffic Wands & BeastBeam™ Flashlights. Light is pushed into holster and retained by friction. Holster also permits swiveling or non swiveling of light on belt.

Black Polymer Swivel Flashlight Holster Model 7500-HOLS
Retail: $27.95
Price: $22.00
LEDLights Item #: 7500-HOLS -

Model 7500-HOLS - Black Polymer Holster/Clip for belts or other straps between 3/4'' and 1'' wide. Holds all SaberWand® Traffic Wands & BeastBeam™ Flashlights. Light is snaped onto the clip for holding to belt and must be rotated away from the clip to be removed. Design permits optional swiveling of lights on belt.

Weighted Base Model 7500-HBAS
Retail: $7.95
Price: $6.50
LEDLights Item #: 7500-HBAS -

Model 7500-HBAS - Heavy Base for placement on a horizontal surface or table for Snap IN/OUT vertical holding of all BeastBeam™ Flashlights, BeastBeam™ Signal Light Models 7000-7110 or Saberwand® Traffic Wands that do not have pocket clips

Heavy-Duty Pocket Clip Model 7500-HCLP
Retail: $3.95
Price: $2.80
LEDLights Item #: 7500-HCLP -

Model 7500-HCLP Heavy-Duty Polymer Pocket Clip attaches to all SaberWand™ Traffic Wands and BeastBeam™ Flashlights. This may be added anytime

Magnetically Mounted Snap-On Base Model 7500-3MAG
Retail: $17.95
Price: $14.00
LEDLights Item #: 7500-3MAG -

Model 7500-3MAG - Mounting Base with 3 powerful magnets for attaching to steel surfaces (vertical or horizontal) and for snap in holding of all BeastBeam™ Flashlights, Model 7000 Signal Lights and Saberwand™ Traffic Wands

Nylon Zippered Case Model 7500-OPCH
Retail: $11.95
Price: $9.52
LEDLights Item #: 7500-OPCH -

Model 7500-OPCH - Nylon Zippered Pouch for holding LED Road Flares (Lights Sold Separately)

Heavy-Duty Pocket Clip Model 7500-SCLP
Retail: $4.95
Price: $4.00
LEDLights Item #: 7500-SCLP -

Model 7500-SCLP Heavy-Duty Black Stainless Steel Pocket Clip for all Saberwand® Traffic Wands or BeastBeam™ Flashlights. May be added to the light as an accessory at any time.

Wall Mounting Base Model 7500-BASE
Retail: $4.95
Price: $3.50
LEDLights Item #: 7500-BASE -

Model 7500-BASE - Mounting Base for fastening (fasteners included) to horizontal or vertical surface and for Snap IN/OUT holding of all SaberWand™ Traffic Wands, Model 7000 Signal Lights or BeastBeam™ Flashlights (cannot be used if light has pocket clip)