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474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K, Rockledge, FL. 32955
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Advances in LED technology have opened the door to flashlights which are brighter and more reliable than anything that existed, even three years ago. BeastBeam™ Flashlights are very bright, however the user can adjust the intensity between a low or high setting which increases battery life and maintains the nighttime sensitivity of the users eyes. BeastBeam™ Flashlights offers an economical bezel intensity control whereby the flashlight is activated by rotating the bezel or a thumb-switch control for easy one handed activation. The BeastBeam™ series of lights are manufactured in the USA, waterproof, design tested over 10 years, and found in the rucksack of over 250,000 US soldiers. Models are available in a standard Black housing or you can get colorful and purchase your BeastBeam™ Flashlight in Hot Pink, Bold Blue, Neon Green, Safety Yellow, or a Transparent housing.

LEDLights™ BeastBeam™ Flashlight

Basic ''No Frills'' LED Flashlight

BeastBeam MT™
LEDLights™ BeastBeam MT™ Flashlight

Advanced Multi-Task Flashlight with Flashing Side Strobe

BeastBeam HL™
LEDLights™ BeastBeam HL™ Flashlight

High Visibility Helmet Mounted Light Kit

BeastBeam UV™
LEDLights™ BeastBeam UV™ Inspection Flashlight

Crime Scene Inspection Flashlight

Tetrad™ 4F
LEDLights™ BeastBeam™ Tetrad™ Flashlight

Four Different Colors in ONE Flashlight

Flashlight Accessories
LEDLights™ BeastBeam™ Flashlight Accessories

Accessories for your BeastBeam™ Flashlight