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    The Floating Water Light PF-1 Model# 8900 is designed to assist in the rescue and recovery of personnel or passengers that may have been swept overboard from a sea going vessel.

    When not in use, the "Floating Water Light PF-1 is mounted on a non-corrosive bracket, in an upside-down position on a bulkhead. When needed, it may be easily pulled from the wall bracket and dropped hundreds of feet into the water, where it will re-surface in an upright position and begin flashing and floating.

    The "Floating Water Light PF-1" provides 300,000 peak intensity candlepower and can be seen from ALL directions at great distances. This incredible, life saving product meets all US Coast Guard requirements for Watertight, Shock, Weather and Light Output tests.

    Floating Water Light PF-1 (Sea Strobe)