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Model 7500-CH4A 120 VAC or 12 VDC Battery Charger

For (4) Rechargeable NiMH ''AA'' Batteries operates from either 120 VAC or 12 VDC

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    Model 7500-CH4A - Battery Charger for Rechargeable NiMH ''AA'' Batteries. Charges 1 to 4 Batteries each independently to assure complete charging of each battery. Plugs into 120 V outlet but includes adaptor for 12 VDC charging. Batteries available separately.

    Battery Charger for Rechargeable ''AA'' Batteries

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    The Q2 charger has a manufacturer's warranty of three years!

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    This is the new Quest Q2 battery charger. It is capable of charging batteries two to four times faster than previous chargers. The Quest Q2 charges NiMH type 'AA' or 'AAA' batteries safely in 60-180 minutes using the latest microprocessor technology. The charging current is 430mA which drops to a 14mA "maintenance" trickle charge.

    It has four independent charging circuits so you can charge one to four batteries at a time. Interchange AA and AAA size batteries from different manufacturers or with different capacities, it doesn't matter.

    It comes with an AC power transformer and a 12v-DC car cord so it can be used easily in the field to keep your batteries fully charged and ready to go at all times.

    Operation of the charger is simple, place one to four AA or AAA cells in the charger, plug in the AC adapter (or 12VDC car cord) and then plug the cord into the charger. The Q2 beeps and illuminates a red LED over each battery to indicate that it is inserted properly and charging. Once a cell is fully charged the charger beeps and the red LED now blinks, this repeats for each battery being charged.
    The charged batteries may be left in the charger indefinitely to maintain a continued full charge condition, the microprocessor circuitry insures that they won't be damaged. When the charge cycle begins the batteries are checked, if defective the user is warned by a beep and then the red LED goes out.

    The Q2 charger is warrantied (by the manufacturer) for three years!

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