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474 Barnes Blvd., Suite K, Rockledge, FL. 32955
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The BeastBar™ Off-Road Light Bar is a very high intensity, state-of-the-art, bar shaped LED light designed for situations where a spectacular amount of light is helpful. The technology is impressive as both the circuit and optics are patent pending designs that are far superior to anything on the market! The BeastBar™ Off-Road Light Bar housing is approximately 33/4 inches tall and its length is modular. Each module has 12 (6 long x 2 high) powerful white LEDs. The most popular model includes all white LEDs, however, options include having the top row of LEDs amber and the bottom row white. All standard models operate from either 12 or 24 Volts DC.

Lengths start at one half module (4 1/16 inches long) and extend to 10 modules (67 3/16 inches long) and include several in between lengths depending upon the number of modules selected. Individual modules can have either a spot or a wide-angle flood beam lens and customers often require a mix of lenses. Module lenses can be easily changed with a screw driver. The BeastBar™ Off-Road Light Bar is available in a variety of mounting configurations, permitting it to be attached to almost any vehicle or surface and subsequently rotated up or down to direct its powerful beam as required. The housing is high grade aluminum with an anodized black, anodized clear, powder coated white or a custom color powder coated finish. All models are watertight and submergible to IP67.

Flat Surface Mounting
LEDLights™ BeastBar™ for Flat Surface Mounting
Curved Surface Mounting
LEDLights™ BeastBar™ for Curved Surface Mounting

Axial Mounted
LEDLights™ BeastBar™ for Axial Mounting